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FESTIVAL LAB is an initiative of 8 festivals in 8 countries, an intensive training programme for European festival directors and producers which combines theory and practice.

FESTIVAL LAB wants to point out the necessity to give a chance to the next generation of festival programmers and to offer theoretical and practical support as well as a laboratory to test drive new programme ideas. It is conceived as a special programme which integrates theoretical preparation (academy), practical experience and discussion (workshops), an opportunity of own professional experience (residency) and a future-oriented artistic program, designed, developed and realised by the residents as part of the program of the hosting festivals. 
Alongside providing an opportunity for future festival directors and producers, FESTIVAL LAB′s pioneering initiative aims to promote and explore fresh and contemporary programming ideas to European audiences and sector professionals. It will facilitate the sharing of knowledge in the field of festival management and create an informal network, as well as enabling debate and transformation around supporting and developing new talent.

FESTIVAL LAB is a project in three steps for one year:
  • Following a European-wide call, 20 participants will be chosen to take part in the project. 
  • All selected participants will attend the five day academy combinig theoretical and practical work.
  • Each participant will attend a minimum of five three day workshops at the eight participating FIT festivals.
  • Following the academy, on the basis of their programme proposals, five selected participants will be offered a residency (up to 6 months) at one of the five coordinating FIT festivals, where they will further develop and realise their project. The project will then be presented as part of the hosting international festival.
For the academy and workshops international travel and accommodation of the 20 selected participants will be covered, but not daily living costs. For the residencies international travel, accommodation and basic living costs will be covered.
FESTIVAL LAB has an electronic application system open to registered applicants from July 19, 2010 until September 30, 2010.
The decisions about the 20 participants of the academy and workshops is made by representatives of all participating festivals and will be announced on November 15, 2010. The selection process may include a brief telephone interview. The decision about five participants who will be offered the residency at Homo Novus, LIFT, KRT, Baltic Circle and Spielart, is made by each festival individually, at least a month after the end of the academy. 



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