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New blog by FestLab participants
On the opening page of the recently created FestivalLAB participants′ blog Milena Kipfmuller writes: "We are a very lucky group of twenty people. In 2011 we were put together by the FestivalLAB program and had the chance to travel to eight different festivals during the year of 2011. Of course, the fact to travel together is great by itself, but the brilliance of this program was to have time to learn and to get to know an amazing amount of things, people, places concepts, ideas….During the program we had the wish to gather some of our thoughts within a publication, so that we could share them among ourselves as well as with other interested people. The pool consists in text about the residency program, projects, about own reflections referring to the cultural scenes in our countries and some collections of precious quotes we collected during the year." Find more texts by young festival curators from across Europe at http://www.festivallab.de/

Festival Lab – Theory and Practice for the next generation of European festival programmers

Festival Lab
FESTIVAL LAB is an initiative of 8 festivals in 8 countries, an intensive training programme for European festival directors and producers which combines theory and practice.
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FIT – Theatre Festivals in Transition

What is FIT?
The network Theatre FESTIVALS IN TRANSITION (FIT) initially involving seven festivals in seven countries was founded in 2005. So far, the network has successfully implemented two large-scale projects: a series of contemporary theatre projects and highly regarded symposia on ‘festival policy’ (2005-06) connected with a large international artistic program and - a project of ten festivals in ten countries - “Mobile Lab for theatre and communication” - a travelling laboratory with aim to explore, develop and test drive innovative practices of discourse, critical writing and communication between artists, programmers and audiences in response to a contemporary performance program as part of the project (2007-08). Read more ...


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