"3 X" 
The Latvian National Opera/Latvia/China/Republic of South Africa
Three versions of Concerto Grosso

    The performance is centred around Artūrs Maskats' composition for an orchestra, "Concerto Grosso", performed by the orchestra of the Latvian National Opera. A single composition, performed three times, in a reading of three different nations, three different races, three different cultures and mentalities.
    3X becomes an experiment the result of which is equally unpredictable to the authors of the idea, the participants and the audience. The composition of a Latvian composer becomes the epicentre of a dance experiment. The language of dance, movement, and music, however, is universal…

Cassius Tlhotlhalemaje: Born in 1964 in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa. Cassius Tlhotlhalemaje's activities in the field of dance are diverse: he is an internationally acclaimed dancer, choreographer and dance professor. With his solo performances, Cassius Tlhotlhalemaje has toured around the USA, Australia, Europe and South Africa. Particularly notable is his highly successful 15 years long tour with the musical "Sikulu" /The Fighter/ in the USA and Europe, as well as the tour with the musical "Ipi Tombi" /Journey/. In 1999, Cassius Tlhotlhalemaje performed in Johannesburg together with Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Tina Turner. Since 1998, he teaches the art of dance and choreography in Lintz, Austria. Presently, he is working on a new musical, "Miss Teen".

Chao Jacky Hua: A choreographer who once has been the premier and the leading choreographer of the Hong Kong's Dance company (till 1991); a premier of the Hong Kong's City Contemporary dance company (till1995), the artistic coordinator of Macao festival committee (1997). He is a member of China Dancers' association. He has been awarded for the choreographies: " Hope", "Good by, Mummy!", " An Autumn Night", "Snow is Red", "San Mo". Now he is studying ballet and computer technologies at Hongkong Academy of Performing Arts.

Aivars Leimanis (1958): After graduating from the Riga School of Choreography in 1976, Aivars Leimanis became a soloist in the Ballet Company of the Latvian National Opera (LNO). He has danced the leading parts in ballets "Nutcracker", "Giselle" "Don Quixote", "The Sleeping Beauty", etc. From 1989 to 1993, Aivars Leimanis danced in V.Vasiliev and E.Maksimova's Star Troupe. In 1996, he became the Artistic Director of the LNO Ballet Company. Aivars Leimanis has represented the Latvian dance art in more than 40 countries, including the USA, China, France, and the UK. 

Artūrs Maskats (1957): In 1982, Artūrs Maskats graduated form the Department of Composition of the Latvian Academy of Music. From 1982 till 1992, he was the Director of the Musical Department of the Art Theatre. Artūrs Maskats is the author of music for over 90 performances staged in various theatres of Latvia. In the area of academic music, he works in the genres of chorus, symphony and chamber music His compositions are performed all over the world. Since 1996 Artūrs Maskats is the Artistic Director of the Latvian National Opera. He has been awarded the Music Grand Prix - the highest honour for professional achievements in music in Latvia. 

Music: Artūrs Maskats
Choreography: Chao Jacky Hua (China), Cassius Tlhotlhalemae (Republic of South Africa), Aivars Leimanis (Latvia)
Set and Costume Designer: Kristīne Jurjāne, Aivars Leimanis, Natālija Jansone
Producer: Viesturs Rieksts
Supporters: Kultūrkapitāla Foundation, European Culture Month in Riga
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