The Guest Performance "Hamlet" Directed by E.Nekrošus

The guest performance of the theatre company "Meno Fortas" (Lithuania, Vilnius) performance "Hamlet" (W.Shakespeare), directed by Eimuntas Nekrošus, took place in May 11, 1998, at the Latvian National Opera House. The producer of the guest performance - The New Theatre Institute of Latvia.

"That is Hamlet you have never seen before, you are watching him in silence with bated breath. This performance as if takes you back in the past and depths of the soul. Franko Kvadri (Italy) "This Hamlet is an impulse for some kind of overturn in your consciousness. It turns upside-down everything you knew before. Marina Zajonca (Russia)

"The greatest thanks to the New Theatre Institute of Latvia, the endeavour of which allowed to see art of high level in Riga. This performance aroused ecstasy and horror in me all at the same time like everything that is absolute does. I doubt that there is any possibility for the metaphoric theatre to develop much further after Hamlet . So, I think we were the witnesses of the combination of creation of director's genius. Though "internationally convertible" it was a very Lithuanian version about the metaphysic dramatic relationship between present and past." (Silvija Radzobe, Latvia, daily "Diena" 25.05.99.)

"The tour of the Hamlet by Eimuntas Nekrosus is impressive - in the period of two years the Lithuanian miracle has been seen in - Rome, St. Petersburg, Milan, Zurich, Montreal, Quebec, Avignon, Berlin, in total 19 cities. In Riga Eimuntas Nekrosus dropped in 10 years ago. Thanks to the New Theatre Institute for the given possibility - to see Hamlet in Latvia." (Margarita Zieda (Latvia, Newspaper "Talrade. Taldzirde" 7.-14.05., 1999)

The guest performance took place thanks to the support of: Cultural Office of Riga City council, Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia, Daily "Diena", Latvian National Opera, Latvian Independent TV "LNT", Hotel "Latvija".


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