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FIT program 2005-2006
The network Theatre FESTIVALS IN TRANSITION (FIT) involving eight festivals in eight European countries was founded in 2005. Between 2005 and 2006 FIT organised a series of contemporary theatre projects and highly regarded symposia on ‘festival policy′, which took place at all the participating festivals: Homo Novus in Riga, Latvia, Divadelna Nitra in Slovakia, Sirenos in Vilnius, Lithuania, SPIELART Munich in Germany, Exodos in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Krakow Theatre Reminiscences in Poland, 4+4 Days in Motion in Prague, Czech Republic and Baltoscandal in Rakvere, Estonia. Discussions gathered festival programmers, artists, supporters and cultural policy makers on local, national and European level.

Series of discussions were focused on the role of festivals as a generator for a European cultural network. At each festival local and international artists, politicians involved in culture, producers and festival directors had their chance to speak and participate in dialogues on topics like "Festival as a Tool", "Cultural Landscape and Festivals", "Festivals as Generators and Circulators of New Ideas", "Festivals - a Luxury Article or a Generator for Culture" and others. The goal was to strengthen the cultural-political position of the theatre festivals in their home countries and in Europe by means of a common communication strategy, and to make it clear that in the transformed cultural landscape of present-day Europe, the theatre festivals′ multifarious, transnational cultural functions, which they have been performing for several years now, demand appropriate financial support from European budgets for culture in the short and medium terms.

FIT initiative was sponsored by the European Commission (the "Culture 2000" program), the Allianz Cultural Foundation, the Goethe Institute, the Cultural Department of the City of Munich, and other local and national institutions.

The notes of the symposia can be found in FIT programme 2005-2006 section. The summary Theatre festivals - why? by Tilmann Broszat can be ordered also at info@spielmotor.de.


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