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FIT festivals 2010 [06.02.2010. 19:23]

In 2010 FIT network is hoping to be active again collaborating on a new project, which would be dedicated to the educating of the next generation of festival curators. We have applied for funding, and at the moment we are waiting for the results. 

We invite you to visit FIT festivals in 2010:

Cracow Theatrical Reminiscences - April 22-25, 2010 

Lift - July 2010 

Baltoscandal - July 7-10, 2010 

Homo Alibi - August 26-29, 2010 

Divadelna Nitra - September 24-29, 2010 

Visit FIT festivals in 2009
During 2009 several festivals of FIT network - Theatrical Reminiscences in Cracow, Divadelna Nitra and IETM Spring plenary meeting in Bratislava (organised by Nitra festival), Baltic Circle in Helsinki and Spielart festival in Munich - offer the possibilty to host Mobile Lab participants and give the chance for some intensive writing again!
Please click to see the job descriptions:

Cracow Theatrical Reminiscences, April 20-26, 2009
IETM Spring plenary meeting in Bratislava, April 23-26, 2009
Divadelna Nitra in Bratislava, September 25-30, 2009
Baltic Circle in Helsinki, November 18-22, 2009
Spielart festival in Munich (including the project description Connections), November 19 - December 5, 2009

Lecture by Penny Francis
Here you can find the lecture by Penny Francis (UK): Why has puppetry become so widely used and studied in the last 20 years? What makes for good production? What are the criteria for the reviewer?, which was held during Homo Alibi 2008.

Max Ryynanen blog on Homo Alibi [03.09.2008. 15:46]
Max Ryynanen - tutor of the Mobile Lab for Theatre and Communication workshop during Homo Alibi - has created blog on Riga workshop.

Blog: European stage beckons for British theatre [05.09.2008. 16:36]
Andrew Haydon latest article on Homo Alibi as well as articles on  theatre and performing arts.

Blog: The Role of Theatre Reviews [26.05.2008. 18:48]
British theatre critic Andrew Haydon, one of the Mobile Lab participants, has raised the discussion on Guardian blog platform following the debate started during the workshop in Helsinki. Go there and take part!

Mobile lab blogs [24.04.2008. 11:07]
You can find some of Mobile Lab participants blogging about theatre here: Read more ...


The network Theatre FESTIVALS IN TRANSITION (FIT) involving eight festivals in eight European countries was founded in 2005. Between 2005 and 2006 FIT organised a series of contemporary theatre projects and highly regarded symposia on ‘festival policy′, which took place at all the participating festivals: Homo Novus in Riga, Latvia, Divadelna Nitra in Slovakia, Sirenos in Vilnius, Lithuania, SPIELART Munich in Germany, Exodos in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Krakow Theatre Reminiscences in Poland, 4+4 Days in Motion in Prague, Czech Republic and Baltoscandal in Rakvere, Estonia. Discussions gathered festival programmers, artists, supporters and cultural policy makers on local, national and European level. Read more ...

MOBILE LAB for Theatre and Communication

Mobile Lab for Theatre and Communication
With an enlarged network now involving ten festivals, from 2007 FIT embarks on a new project - a MOBILE LAB for Theatre and Communication.
Ten European festivals focusing on contemporary theatre creation have come together to create a travelling laboratory to explore, develop and test drive innovative practices of discourse, critical writing and communication between artists, programmers and audiences in response to contemporary performance. Through carefully developed artistic programmes, public discussions, collaborations with the media and Mobile Lab workshop programmes for young theatre critics and writers, the project aims to facilitate a deeper and more wide ranging communication around contemporary art to a wider audience. Read more ...

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