THURSDAY 17.10 19.30 English with translation in Latvian
SATURDAY, 19.10 18.00 English

Tickets: NRT and in the theatre "Skatuve" before the performance

Price: 3 Ls
Theatre "Skatuve"


"Chameleons 4: The Doors of Serenity"

A devil male escort, a genital-less femme fatale, a paranoid cyborg and a vampire bimbo play dangerous games through doors in an extraordinary performance combining live theatre, big-screen video and digital effects. As identities begin to fragment and converge, New York Expo award-winners
The Chameleons Group' explore the relationship between the esoteric and the populist; the disturbing and the comedic; the virtual and the 'real'. Mesmerising multimedia theatre fusing vivid dream narratives, surrealist comedy and theatre of cruelty.

The Chameleons Group is a multimedia performance research company directed by Steve Dixon at the University of Salford, UK. Founder members are two academics at the University, Steve Dixon and Paul Murphy, and performer Wendy Reed.
The group devises and tours original theatre performances that experiment with the close integration of video and live performance, and have also experimented with live online interactive theatre (combining streaming video and IRC).
The performance incorporates multiple imaging and split screen digital video techniques with live theatre performed in hidden doors and windows within the screen itself. The fusion creates a haunting and visually spectacular 'theatre within a screen'

More information in the website of Digital Performance Archive:
Theatre "Skatuve", Maskavas street 108/110, tel. 7222281

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